12 Months 12 Goals Calendar

#12months12goals Calendar (click here to buy) is your helping guide to being a better version of yourself in 2018. 
The inspiration for this calendar was my Instagram audience! I receive tons of texts on a daily basis for tips on staying fitter, working efficiently and being more productive. Which sparked the thought- wouldn’t it be great to have helpful tips right in front of your eyes all year long?
The idea of this calendar is to set a simple discipline every month, achieve one specific goal every month instead of  overwhelming yourself with a dozen life changes you’re expecting yourself to incorporate from day one. Every month has a different goal, and by the end of 12 months, you would have attained the qualities of being a disciplined person and a better version of yourself.  Along with monthly goals, I have also noted commemorative days (like Mother’s Day, Yoga Day, etc.) So you dont forget to celebrate those too!Let’s have a look at a few months

January //As I mentioned above, during the beginning of the year, we tend be overwhelmed by the resolutions and goals we have to adapt. So, January has a super simple task of jotting down your friends’ and families’ birthdays and anniversaries. 

Why? – This will help you stay in touch with your loved ones and pre-plan something for them. This month’s goals are simple (jotting down birthdays can’t be hard) so, the goal is to make sure you follow up! Amidst the hustle of our busy lives, it is very easy to forget our loved ones.

March //This month’s goal is to exercise. No matter what your shape and size maybe, exercising is important for everybody! Exercising has tons of benefits – other than helping you stay healthy, it helps you stay focused (more details in the calendar).

Why? – 30 days of consistent exercising for a beginner maybe hard but it will help you make time for fitness, help you stay fit – both mentally and physically, and add to the habit of creating discipline.

May //Eating healthy is underestimated by most of us. A lot of people believe that eating healthy = “going on a boring diet” – it’s not. This month helps create healthy eating habits that are tasty too! I’ve included some free fun recipes that are super easy to make & will sort you for the entire month!

Why? – Eating right for 30 days straight will help your body rejuvenate and I promise – you will notice the difference. Once this habit is created, you’ll never talk about diets – ever! 

September //This is one of the most important months because – let’s face it – we all have that one bad habit we desperately want to get rid off. Personally every January I’ve burdened myself with getting rid of a bad habit. This was really really hard since eliminating it wasn’t just fighting with the habit, it was also fighting with myself- because I lacked discipline. Over the last few months we work with you to build focus and discipline to finally bring you back to face your demon. Trust me, it will be easier this time.

Why? – There is nothing more empowering that being in complete control of your actions. Once you wave goodbye to this habit – you’re going to be a free bird!

The rest of the months focus on helpful guides for – self care, beating procrastination,drinking water regularly, using lesser plastic, expressing gratitude, reducing stress, reading more often, etc.The goals in the calendar are tried and tested by me! If you follow these goals and simple tips, I assure you – by the end of the year, you’ll be surprised at how much more you can accomplish within 24 hours.

Thank you!
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