Pranita Kocharekar is an artist based out of Mumbai, India.
She grew up in a family full of artists where the walls of her home
became her canvas.
As she grew older, she learnt the language of visuals
and as of today excels at expressing herself through visuals.
She graduated from
Rachana Sansad College of Applied Arts in Mumbai with a degree in Graphic Design
and Type Design.
By profession, Pranita is not only a Graphic and Type designer but
also a self-taught illustrator and letterer.
She documents her thoughts and observations
every day on her public journal –
InstagramPranita’s work has been commissioned
by various brands like Vodafone, Chegg, Oreo, Quikr, Adidas, Netflix, Nivea, Dell,
to name a few. Pranita also collaborates with brands as an influencer. 
She donates
illustrations for merchandising to Welfare for Stray Dogs from time to time. 
Besides brand collaborations,
advertising and illustration projects, she also runs her own artist shop. (Shop here!)
Pranita enjoys exercising, meditating, reading books, watching films and playing with animals.