Epigamia Yogurt

Epigamia Yogurt connected with food stylists and lettering artists for this project. The aim to create inspiring crowd sourced typography art with Epigamia Greek Yogurt and only natural/edible ingredients with no added artificial coloring, that tastes as good as it looks.

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Styling, Photography – Pranita Kocharekar
Agency – Rasta

Epigamia Yogurt is celebrating the women’s T20 Cricket matches & wanted to create an appreciation post.
Concept by the team at Rasta.
Art Direction & Execution by Pranita Kocharekar

Epigamia Yogurt is celebrating Indian festival of colours, Holi. Concept by the team at Rasta. Art Direction, Type Design & Execution by Pranita Kocharekar.

Until Next Time Festive Edition

Until Next Time is a compilation of cards designed by me to help spread a smile. This is the second edition – the festive edition. This edition has palm sized Christmas and New Year cards with a unqiue Christmas tree packaging.

Every card was manually screen printed with gold, silver, and fluorescent inks.

Website: www.untilnexttime.net 
Instagram: @untilnexttime_cards
Twitter: @untilnexttime_

Until Next Time – Postcards

Until Next Time is a compilation of cards designed by me to help spread a smile.
The idea of this project is to appreciate people on a day-to-day basis, so they work harder, and be happier.
There are 33  perforated palm size cards in a book that can be carried in a bag to give your friends, family or even strangers spontaneously.

The book is now available on Amazon

Website: www.untilnexttime.net

Twitter: @untilnexttime_
Contact: hello@untilnexttime.net
Synopsis copy by Shachi Lavingia & Abhiraj Rawale.
Photography by Abhiraj RawaleThis project received press coverage in Hindustan TimesThe Daily Pao & Naina.co

The cards were distributed and we collected some smiles!

The Glu Affair – Clothing

THE GLU AFFAIR is a clothing brand based in India. I’ve been working closely with the brand since a couple years. They’ve released collections inspired by music, art & food. Besides creating their branding, I’ve worked on varaious prints and clothing styles, and also been their artist manager for the first couple collections. We’ve collaborated with artists from all over the globe, like Tyler SpanglerSophie BahnShamika KocharekarSameer KulkaniSanjay RamachandranHikimi& so on.
You can purchase these designs here.
Follow them on FacebookTwitter & Instagram for more!

Art for social media

Style & fashion bloggers, DJs and actors donning the print

Vodafone – Made For Campaign

I worked with Ogilvy & Mather, India on their Vodafone campaign.
The unique selling proposition of this campaign is: This network is made for you.

Published in The Times Of India, Sunday Times, front page & Hindustan Times

Press Release

Further below is the unpublished work. I have used a different font and the logo for the purpose of displaying my work.

Unpublished | Bombay times Pg3

Unpublished Ambient media | Basements

Unpublished | Rakhi ads
Unpublished | Rakhi ads Unpublished | Rakhi ads

Unpublished | Rakhi ads
Unpublished | Times Of India, City

Unpublished | Times Of India, Business

Unpublished | Bombay Times, Games.

Unpublished | Times Of India, Sports

Unpublished | Times Of India, Global

Unpublished | Times Of india, Nation

Unpublished | Times Of India, Nation

Unpublished Ambient Media | Bus Terminals
Unpublished Ambient Media | Highways
Unpublished Ambient Media | Airports

Unpublished | Bombay Times, Games section.
Unpublished | Bombay Times, Movies Section.

Unpublished Press Media

Lost In Typeland – Book

Lost in Typeland is a story based on two characters, the famous – Bodoni (typeface) and a little girl (myself). It talks about the adventurous journey of two strangers who befriend each other.
This was featured on Illustrationage by Steve Simpson

Below are the digital scans of the book for understanding the actual colours used.

Paint My Wall – Terrace

Paint My Wall is my initiative to beautify walls with a purpose.
Terrace, is the first Paint My Wall project.
The residents of a two storied building in Mumbai faced the problem of trespassers climbing up to the terrace. There was a need for signage to prevent non-residents entering the terrace area.
An engaging wall mural of people sitting on the railing followed by a ‘terrace’ sign was painted.
Before painting

Paint My Wall – Now Or Never

PAINT MY WALL is a series of wall painting projects, ‘Now or Never’ is the second of the series. (Click here to see the first). This project is also a part of #pranitasdrawingaday (click here to see more) that was a 365 days project. The wall mural was done on the 365th day.
Idea and process:
“At first I was really confused about what my final drawing should be, and I began reflecting on the last 365 days. This project has helped me in a lot of ways – it taught me to create discipline. It taught me to stop beating myself if the drawing isn’t perfect but instead to enjoy the process of drawing. It taught to experiment without having any final goal. It is really difficult to think of something to draw everyday, which is how I started observing things more and more. And I don’t only mean observing people and the environment; I began observing my moods, my feelings, my emotions, and tried capturing them on paper. This helped analyse a lot of my problems and de-stress. My confidence as an artist and a person has increased a lot, I had times when I wouldn’t draw until I visualised an idea by the fear of it not looking good on paper. Today, I make lots of drawings, and embrace even the ugly ones, learning from new each scrapped paper. I realised that creating art for myself or a client isn’t about the final artwork, its about the process of enjoying the artwork.
And these realisations apply to my life as well. The discipline, will and confidence created by drawing everyday has made me a better/ more efficient person.  I’m far more comfortable about my work, and myself. And the biggest realisation I got last year from this project is you have to get up and do it, don’t snooze your alarm, just get up, cause its now or never. Whether it is about improving my drawing skills, or about running/exercising more often, or about wanting to be a nicer person. Waiting for anything to happen that’s fully in your control is just wasting time. And I urge everyone to do something they like doing everyday, whether its drawing, writing or practicing math!”

Alice In Wonderland / Type design

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?” – Lewis Carroll

Alice In Wonderland is my favourite book since childhood and I chose to design a typeface to show my gratitude to Sir Lewis Carroll for giving me a whimsical book to get lost in when the world felt too mainstream. Imagination has no bounds. And that is something I wanted to portray through my typeface, targeting not only children but also adults.

The typeface is a 3D experimental display typeface. There are times in the book, where Alice eats the cake or drinks the potion and her size increases and decreases. Here, the objects around Alice are viewed from different perspectives. Thus, I decided to use three perspectives but keep it as simple as possible so the typeface is readable.
Each alphabet is either a character from the book, or a part of the story.
Following is the list of the concepts of the final alphabets:

A-   Playing cards
B-   Alice’s neck twisting (While she ate a piece of mushroom, her neck elongated and twisted in the fields)
C-   Cake (the dessert that was stolen from the Queen of Heart’s kingdom)
D-   Caterpillar
E-   Direction signs (the cheshire cat confuses Alice about directions, after which she reaches the mad hatter’s party)
F-    Flamingo (used by the Queen to play a game of croquet)
G-   Tea cup (an upside down cup and saucer)
H-   Tweedledum & Tweedledee
I-     Key (used to open doors when she falls down the rabbit hole)
J-    Mad Hatter
K-   Key (used to open doors when she falls down the rabbit hole)
L-    Alice
M-  White Rabbit
N-   Caterpillar
O-   Rabbit Hole
P-   Tear drop (when Alice is twice her size, she begins to cry and a pool of tears is created)
Q-   White Rabbit’s watch
R-   March Hare
S-   Cheshire Cat
T-    Mushroom (on which the caterpillar was seen)
U-   Cheshire Cat
V-   Alice
W-  Queen Of Hearts
X-   Direction signs (the cheshire cat confuses alice about directions, after which she reaches the mad hatter’s party)
Y-   White roses painted red
Z-    Alice’s neck twisting (While she ate a bite of the mushroom, her neck elongated and twisted in the field)

I owe this to Manasi Keni, a wonderful mentor, designer and friend.

Font Poster

Party Invitation


Book cover Design

Tshirt Design

Table lamp as number 2

Book ends as letter L