Mg Motors #RecreateTheMagic

MG Motors, a British automotive marque launched in India. To publicize about the same they ran a campaign called #RecreateTheMagic
I was commissioned to recreate their vintage ads with my own illustrative take!

Ad 1 / Published here

“​​​​​​​@mgmotorin is coming to India with a bang! They’re hosting a contest on @talenthouse_ind (link to the rules in my stories) where you have to recreate one of MG Motor’s classic ads with your own twist. #RecreateTheMagic

Here’s my recreation! It was my first time drawing a car & boy was it fun!
My idea of this ad was not only to talk about the beautiful car but also celebrate India’s decision on #377. Its time we normalize love, cause #loveislove right? 🙂 Did you like my ad?”

Ad 2 / Published here

Contest time!⠀
1. Recreate a headline for this visual & comment below using #RecreateTheMagic.⠀
2. I’ll be picking one winning headline (I’ll give you a shout out in my next post)⠀

I will recreate this ad on the basis of your headline – so shoooot! ⠀
Also, how beautiful is this @mgmotorin car? I want 😀

Ad 3 / Published here

The weekend has just begun – woohoo! 
Also, here’s a visual I made based on @ riddhi_0701 ‘s headline suggested in my previous @mgmotorin post #RecreateTheMagic

What are your weekend plans?

Thank you!
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