Until Next Time – Postcards

Until Next Time is a compilation of cards designed by me to help spread a smile.
The idea of this project is to appreciate people on a day-to-day basis, so they work harder, and be happier.
There are 33  perforated palm size cards in a book that can be carried in a bag to give your friends, family or even strangers spontaneously.

The book is now available on Amazon

Website: www.untilnexttime.net

Twitter: @untilnexttime_
Contact: hello@untilnexttime.net
Synopsis copy by Shachi Lavingia & Abhiraj Rawale.
Photography by Abhiraj RawaleThis project received press coverage in Hindustan TimesThe Daily Pao & Naina.co

The cards were distributed and we collected some smiles!

Lost In Typeland – Book

Lost in Typeland is a story based on two characters, the famous – Bodoni (typeface) and a little girl (myself). It talks about the adventurous journey of two strangers who befriend each other.
This was featured on Illustrationage by Steve Simpson

Below are the digital scans of the book for understanding the actual colours used.