Lost In Typeland – Book

Lost in Typeland is a story based on two characters, the famous – Bodoni (typeface) and a little girl (myself). It talks about the adventurous journey of two strangers who befriend each other.
This was featured on Illustrationage by Steve Simpson

Below are the digital scans of the book for understanding the actual colours used.

Alice In Wonderland / Type design

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?” – Lewis Carroll

Alice In Wonderland is my favourite book since childhood and I chose to design a typeface to show my gratitude to Sir Lewis Carroll for giving me a whimsical book to get lost in when the world felt too mainstream. Imagination has no bounds. And that is something I wanted to portray through my typeface, targeting not only children but also adults.

The typeface is a 3D experimental display typeface. There are times in the book, where Alice eats the cake or drinks the potion and her size increases and decreases. Here, the objects around Alice are viewed from different perspectives. Thus, I decided to use three perspectives but keep it as simple as possible so the typeface is readable.
Each alphabet is either a character from the book, or a part of the story.
Following is the list of the concepts of the final alphabets:

A-   Playing cards
B-   Alice’s neck twisting (While she ate a piece of mushroom, her neck elongated and twisted in the fields)
C-   Cake (the dessert that was stolen from the Queen of Heart’s kingdom)
D-   Caterpillar
E-   Direction signs (the cheshire cat confuses Alice about directions, after which she reaches the mad hatter’s party)
F-    Flamingo (used by the Queen to play a game of croquet)
G-   Tea cup (an upside down cup and saucer)
H-   Tweedledum & Tweedledee
I-     Key (used to open doors when she falls down the rabbit hole)
J-    Mad Hatter
K-   Key (used to open doors when she falls down the rabbit hole)
L-    Alice
M-  White Rabbit
N-   Caterpillar
O-   Rabbit Hole
P-   Tear drop (when Alice is twice her size, she begins to cry and a pool of tears is created)
Q-   White Rabbit’s watch
R-   March Hare
S-   Cheshire Cat
T-    Mushroom (on which the caterpillar was seen)
U-   Cheshire Cat
V-   Alice
W-  Queen Of Hearts
X-   Direction signs (the cheshire cat confuses alice about directions, after which she reaches the mad hatter’s party)
Y-   White roses painted red
Z-    Alice’s neck twisting (While she ate a bite of the mushroom, her neck elongated and twisted in the field)

I owe this to Manasi Keni, a wonderful mentor, designer and friend.

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Book cover Design

Tshirt Design

Table lamp as number 2

Book ends as letter L