Flatlanders is a mixed-media project, combining street photography with illustration, while exploring the idea of ‘Man being left to his own devices’ where we have quartered our attention from our boundless surroundings to the confines of our smartphone screens. Strolling replaced by scrolling, we have come a long way into this short form existence seeking salvation in the modern trinity of “likes, comments and shares”. There is no denying the immense utility of ‘being connected’, so we only wish to remind our audience with this series that let us not forget at times to detach from newsfeeds and notifications, re-learn to be sensitive of our immediate surroundings and place our happiness in simply ‘being’ – for the world around is more magical than we realise.
In collaboration with Siddhartha Mukherjee (street, travel & documentary photography)
Illustrations: Pranita Kocharekar