Unfiltered Love Postcards

#UnfilteredLove is a series of love postcards expressing love in the purest, unfiltered manner. Click here to shop

Product Description // Planning holidays and happily forevers is fun, but would you promise your loved one to share responsibilities and argue better? Understanding the difference between love and romance is what gave birth to this short project.
This is a set of 5 postcards communicating a raw and unfiltered idea of love and commitment. A perfect gift for your special someone 🙂

Discovering a person is like playing a video game. The more you play, the harder it gets but the rewards get better too. Real love is about the effort it takes to want to know someone, to understand them through the good & bad.⠀
There’s nothing wrong with romanticising once in a while. The problem starts when one expects this to be the norm. Real love starts when you’re past the honeymoon phase, into the realm of understanding a person for who they really are.⠀
Everyone has emotional baggage. For some it might be evident, some might keep it tucked away, while some may be heavier than others. Whatever the case, the baggage is always lighter when you have help carrying it.⠀
The balance between fancy candlelight dinners and sharing your cooking & cleaning responsibilities is what makes love so real, don’t you think? :)⠀
There’s a difference between love & romance. Love is when there is affection, care, trust, respect, commitment, connection, communication but most of all EFFORT. It takes a ton of effort for two people to be together, in sync with each other “forever”, and hence are the primary ingredients of love. An occasional dash of gifts, candle lights & dinner dates can spice up the love soup every now and then too. <3 

I left this one for the end because it is so dear to me. This piece is inspired by my own relationship. If there’s one aspect of love that has made us stronger, it is arguments. Anger is a strong emotion to deal with, if channelised the wrong way it can lead to a lot of damage. Real love is developing the ability to let yourself calm down, then learn to listen to your partner, analyse the argument, learn to step into each other’s shoes, learn to find a middle ground, to keep your ego aside and finally, find a solution. <3⠀
Arguments are a part and parcel of any relationship between two humans, they’re inescapable & very necessary. Real love is knowing how to argue :)⠀

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