PCOD – My Best Friend

If I got a rupee for every time I heard someone say “Stop losing so much weight”, “A scoop of ice cream won’t kill you”, “What is this fitness obsession?” “You’re not fat!” “You’re not enjoying food, you’re not enjoying life”, I’d be a millionaire.

I’m writing this simply so I could link this post to every person who mentions the above. And probably, so can you! But this is for everyone who thinks being fit is just about looking good – it’s not.  

For those of you who don’t know what PCOD is,
PCOD (Polycystic Ovaries Disorder) is a hormonal disorder that causes the ovaries to enlarge and creates cysts on the outer edges of the ovaries. A lot of women suffer through PCOD or PCOS. The common cause for PCOD is hormonal imbalances and genetics. PCOD affects everybody differently. The common symptoms are hair growth, acne, weight gain, irregular period. It can also lead to depression, infertility, type 2 diabetes, pot belly.

My story
When I was 15 I was diagnosed with PCOD (like the other 20 girls from my class) – most of us had irregular periods, most of us happily ignored the problem ( I personally for 5 years!) until the symptoms  began to escalate.  
I was known for my fiery metabolism (I mean, who eats a whole cake and doesn’t gain weight?) but eventually, the food I consumed would show on my body very easily.
This made me revisit my doc once again. After multiple tests, I realised that the PCOD had become really, really bad. My doctor put me on a strict diet and asked me to exercise at least 5 times a week.

For 6 months, I threw a fit about how “life is unfair!!” “why can’t I eat a whole cake whenever I want to??”, “why do I have to exercise so often??” etc. Over time,  it lead to weight gain, acne, my hair quality went bad, I had way too many mood swings, I developed anxiety, my periods were irregular – nothing felt right – I lost my confidence!

About 3 years ago, after everyone around me was sick of my cribbing (myself included), I decided to let PCOD be my motivation to lead a healthier life. I stopped eating out every day – instead ate out only once a week (I enjoy my pizzas better now). I also decided to moderate my sugar content. I started exercising moderately, a mix of cardio, HIIT, weight training, kickboxing, running. Variety in my workout routines kept things from getting draggy, and an upper limit (45 minutes) made sure my daily schedules were on track as well.
I’m constantly battling PCOD everyday – but it is definitely my best friend. It taught me how to bring a balance.

Had it not been for this disorder, I wouldn’t have realised the benefits of staying fit.
Because of a healthy lifestyle I have better skin (I don’t use make up), I’m physically fit, I’m mentally stable (exercise helps you gain focus & be more mindful), I’m stronger (I don’t need help to lift things!), and the best of all – I’m confident.

I get a lot of questions from people asking “How do you make time for working out?”
Honestly, that was a battle I fought for a long time. But it is only the matter of perspectives. As children, we were trained to brush our teeth, shower, and eat food daily. We make time for this – no matter what. Because we realise it’s importance, right? It’s the same logic. When you know how important exercising is – you automatically make time for it. Be it mornings, afternoons, evenings or even midnight!
(I’ll elaborate more on balance and time management in my next blog post – stay tuned!)

I am twice as productive, mindful, confident and happy ever since I began exercising and eating right.
Strong is sexy, ladies, always remember! ☺

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15 thoughts on “PCOD – My Best Friend

  1. Super helpful!

    Thanks, will be sharing this with my sister who just found out. She’s been down for a while and I like this way of looking at this. Great write up. Thanks again.

  2. Hi I m new to your blog , n this is the first post i read . i also suffer from pcod and it always gives pain in my butt .. that facial hair and irregular period but never had the motivation to reduce my weight …. but honestly this post really motivated me to work on my pcod…

  3. It’s heartening to know that this change towards a healthier and happier lifestyle didn’t happen over night. I have been struggling with mood swings and anxiety for quite a while now and yes, it also had a lot to do with my PCOD. Always motivating to read your blog and know that we are not alone facing this 🙂 thanks so much Pranita!

    1. Life is just a big work in progress, and we’ll all get there eventually! 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoy it here. Sending lots of love! <3

  4. Just bumped into this.
    Wow it’s helpful. This is a great way of looking at something negative. Thank you so much 🙂

  5. Changing the way you eat can help you manage the symptoms much better. Symptoms are aggravated by consumption of certain types of foods so staying away from refined flour, sugar, dairy products and carbohydrates help to greatly reduce insulin imbalance and associated symptom occurrence. Replacing such foods with raw fruits, green leafy vegetables and foods with a low glycemic index help to maintain the nutrition value and also aids weight loss.

  6. Wow this is so relatable , I always hated the fact that I have pcod, but now after reading this, I do not wanna hate myself anymore. Instead I wanna consider this as an opportunity to bring out the best in me …
    You never fail to motivate me !!!!!
    Thank you so much pranita ♥️

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