Acknowledge Anxiety

IS THAT YOU? is a comical series of illustrations on anxiety. The idea behind this was to make people aware that they’re not alone, anxiety on small levels exists in most of us, there are simple breathing techniques to control beginner level anxiety. Acknowledging anxiety and acting upon it is the first step to cure.Please note that these are not symptoms of anxiety but emotions of an anxious person. Kindly do not self diagnose, and visit a doctor for better guidance.
This project was featured in Elle India, India Today, Mashable, Huffpost Brazil, The Huff Post, Huff Post UK, Bored Panda, POPSUGARBuzzfeed India, DesignTaxi, 9GAG, Scoopwhoop, DNA news, Attn.,, (US),, The Debrief (UK), TechNinja, Recipe Land, Shout your site,,  Storypick, Scary mommy, JWB, Everyday Feminism, to name a few.