Indian Union Budget 18-19

This project was an effort to understand the Indian Union Budget 2018 -2019. We created the content by picking highlights from the Budget and elaborating it further with simple explanations in order to help the general audience understand the Budget.

Content sourcing, writing & editing: Abhiraj Rawale
Art: Pranita Kocharekar


TRAVEL – Spain

This is a travel journal from when I visited Madrid & Valencia, Spain. All the illustrations are created on an Apple iPad Pro using Procreate. These artworks are a part of my social media travel campaign.

#PranitaTravelsToSpain Suggestion 1: Chocolateria San Gines – Madrid.
Sipping on the best hot chocolate and crunchiest Churros in 6 degrees Celsius was the best feeling ever. If you have a sweet tooth, you cannot miss this lovely place tucked away inside the quaint lanes in Madrid.

#PranitaTravelsToSpain Suggestion 2: Airb&b stay at Madrid.I got a lot of requests about my stay, so here goes. Rosi, my host was absolutely wonderful & had the cutest pets (which obviously was the cherry on the cake). Her home is located right next to El Junco, the jazz club. I was in Madrid during the Jazz Music Fest, which was great! The locality is always buzzing with youngsters – especially at night. There are tons of restaurants and bars close by too!

#PranitaTravelsToSpain Suggestion 3: This may be the most touristy suggestion but being an artist – I have to! The Royal Palace at Madrid was a must see. It was magnificent & very rich in history and culture. I didnt get a lot of time here – but if you like art & history – this is a must go!
Of course there are tons of art museums in Madrid like Museo Nacional Del Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Museum of Romanticism all located really close to each other.
#PranitaTravelsToSpain Suggestion 4: Walk the roads of Madrid.
Madrid has beautiful uphill roads, great architecture and cute restos & bars. I found so much art all over Madrid & such wonderful buildings too!
The La Latina area is the shopping hub – I lost my bananas at Primark & Mulaya – really lovely clothing stores.
#PranitaTravelsToSpain Suggestion 5: Eat along the streets of La Latina area in Madird
Walking around the beautiful La Latina area in Madrid is pure joy. There are tons of boutiques & stores to shop from (I emptied my pockets there, literally).
Besides that, there are many pubs & restos you can visit. I didnt manage to click photos of all the places I visited. 
I made sure I captured food photos from every corner of Madrid I visited 😀
#PranitaTravelsToSpain Suggestion 6: Bioparc, Valencia
The speciality of this zoo is that the animals are separated from you only by a thin stream of water. I was both excited and afraid of visiting the Bioparc alone!
Though I grabbed a slushie drink & walked along with the animals. It was such a treat!

#PranitaTravelsToSpain Suggestion 7: Oceanographic, Valencia
I love the ocean & marine animals (can never get myself to eat marine animals!!). I walked around the massive area gawking at walruses, sharks, dolphins & so many variety of fishes. Though the jellyfish got my heart.
I’ve seen jellyfish on television & in books before, but seeing them in person was so blissful. They swim around with so much grace & peace, and look so delicate & beautiful. Sigh!
I was very close to buying a 100Euro plushie toy. The adult in me snapped in at the right time though 😀
#PranitaTravelsToSpain Suggestion 8: Paella & Horchata, Valencia
If you visit Valencia, you have to try their regional rice based dish called Paella. There are lots of places that make delicious Paella!
And if you have a sweet tooth, make sure you visit Horchateria Santa Catalina – they serve a tall glass of horchata (made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, tigernuts, or melon seeds) & a load of fartons (elongated flour bread glazed with sugar) – an instant energy booster!
You can also visit the Mercado Central (Central market) which is supposed to be massive! (It was shut on the day I visited – Sunday). 

TRAVEL – Campo Viejo

Campo Viejo owned by Pernod Ricard Winemarks sponsored my trip to Rioja, Spain to visit their vineyards. I illustrated my experience to their vineyards – this was an influencer social media campaign.

@campoviejoindia invited me to experience their vineyards in Spain! I’m sooooo excited to go!

My taste buds are tinkling & I’m all packed and ready to go! ✈️🍷

Hello, hello! 😀

Learning so much about the wine making process! Fredrico, the global ambassador briefing us about the beautifully functional and sustainable methods of wine making!

Played a ‘Guess the aroma’! These glasses of wines had various flavours- fruity, spicey, sweet!

Spotted this colourful installation at the Campo Viejo vineyard. That’s a bird that’s seen frequently around the vineyard on top, under which are grapes and a wine glass. I was so awestruck by how vibrant this brand’s vibe is even WITHIN their workspace!

Went tapas hopping with the Campo Viejo crew & found these delicious mushroom tapas at Bar Soriano. Spain has my heart! ❤️

Woke up with a food & wine coma.

Wandering around the quaint Bilbao roads. Look at how beautiful their Town Hall looks!

Bye bye beautiful city, hope to see you soon!

I cooked in Spain!!
@campoviejoindia took us to Los Fueros, an experimental restaurant in Bilbao, Spain. Chef Paul taught us to cook beef pinchos (Spanish bar snacks), quail eggs & caviar on toast! ❤️ swipe to watch me cook!

Right before our cooking session, #previouspost @campoviejoindia team took us to the Ribera market which is one of the biggest and fanciest supermarket I’ve seen! We purchased some beef, tuna and delicious artichokes.. and bumped into a few photo bombers (swipe to see!) This was fun!

Pranita Kocharekar x @campoviejoindia — there’s only one of these and it stays with me! We painted our own Campo Viejo bottles and then obviously drank all of it, it was so much fun!

What makes a brand wonderful is it’s people! Meet Dael from @campoviejoindiawho was a wonderful host, warmed us up to local food & delicious wines! 🍷🍾 (p.s: he’s actually French!)

Sipping wine in the middle of vineyards! @campoviejoindia you have my heart

@campoviejoindia invited us to their vineyards in Rioja earlier last week. I met a bunch of wonderful influencers and together we explored the massive lands of Spain. We walked around the quaint streets, enjoyed the rich culture & consumed the yummiest food. Though the highlight of my stay was the trip to the vineyards. The team taught us everything— how to maintain the soil, sustain the environment, store the wines; everything! They produced two wine varieties specially for our climate (swipe to view). I’m definite going back and drowning myself in some Campo memories 🍷

Malala Yousafzai x Puffin Books x Pranita Kocharekar

‘What would you change if you had a magic pencil?’ asks Puffin Books.
I would draw lots of book vending machines to be installed all around the world for every adult and child to be able to experience the magical and surreal world of books!

This artwork was a paid partnership with Puffin Books to support the release of a new picture book ‘Malala’s Magic Pencil’ (written by Malala, illustrated by Kerascoet)


Flatlanders is a mixed-media project, combining street photography with illustration, while exploring the idea of ‘Man being left to his own devices’ where we have quartered our attention from our boundless surroundings to the confines of our smartphone screens. Strolling replaced by scrolling, we have come a long way into this short form existence seeking salvation in the modern trinity of “likes, comments and shares”. There is no denying the immense utility of ‘being connected’, so we only wish to remind our audience with this series that let us not forget at times to detach from newsfeeds and notifications, re-learn to be sensitive of our immediate surroundings and place our happiness in simply ‘being’ – for the world around is more magical than we realise.
In collaboration with Siddhartha Mukherjee (street, travel & documentary photography)
Illustrations: Pranita Kocharekar



Nivea launched a digital campaign for their lip balms during Valentine’s Day week.
The idea of the campaign was to source vows from their followers, illustrate them and send them back to them. The campaign focuses on how Valentine’s Day is also about friendships!
In collaboration with: Digitas Lbi India
Campaign idea & direction: Digitas Lbi India
Creative direction, art direction, illustration: Pranita Kocharekar

TRAVEL – MP Tourism x Tumblr x Pranita Kocharekar

Pranita Kocharekar x MP Tourism x Tumblr

This has definitely been one of my most exciting projects of 2016. 
I visited a few cities in Madhya Pradesh and blogged about my travel experience.
You can read each blog post here

I met many interesting people, learnt about the rich Indian history and saw beautiful architecture in Madhya Pradesh.

 Lal Bagh Palace, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
You can read more about my experience here

Bada Ganpati, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
You can read more about my experience here

Sarafa Bazaar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
You can read more about my experience here

Zoo, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
You can read more about my experience here

Harsiddhi Temple, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh
You can read more about my experience here

Krishnapura Chhatris, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
You can read more about my experience here

Ram Ghat, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh
You can read more about my experience here

Maheshwari Sarees, Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh
You can read more about my experience here

I’m really happy to have engaged an audience on the blog! 


Animal Planet

Animal Planet launched a show called Yeh Mera India to celebrate the wildlife of India and explore some of the rarely seen and endangered wildlife of our country. Their digital agency (Twentythree) and I collaborated on an interactive launch campaign.
A microsite with shareable gif memes were created by the team. Link to microsite
Creative Direction & Microsite: Twentythree
Art Direction & Illustrations: Pranita Kocharekar
Animation: Upamanyu Bhattacharyya & Kalp Sanghvi

 Promotional video for the campaign created by Twentythree
Cover Photo for Animal Planet India
Design: Twentythree Illustrations: Pranita Kocharekar

Acknowledge Anxiety

IS THAT YOU? is a comical series of illustrations on anxiety. The idea behind this was to make people aware that they’re not alone, anxiety on small levels exists in most of us, there are simple breathing techniques to control beginner level anxiety. Acknowledging anxiety and acting upon it is the first step to cure.Please note that these are not symptoms of anxiety but emotions of an anxious person. Kindly do not self diagnose, and visit a doctor for better guidance.
This project was featured in Elle India, India Today, Mashable, Huffpost Brazil, The Huff Post, Huff Post UK, Bored Panda, POPSUGARBuzzfeed India, DesignTaxi, 9GAG, Scoopwhoop, DNA news, Attn.,, (US),, The Debrief (UK), TechNinja, Recipe Land, Shout your site,,  Storypick, Scary mommy, JWB, Everyday Feminism, to name a few.



Adidas Orignals x Pharrell Willams x Pranita Kocharekar

I designed a surfboard in collaboration with Animal, a design studio from Delhi, India.
The brief was to create a surfboard for the launch of Pharrell’s latest collection for Adidas Originals. The new collection is inspired from the 1961 film-Blue Hawaii, the eucalyptus trees peeling to create a camouflage and the Hawaiin culture.

Here’s what I did!

Surf & Shuffle
Surf & Shuffle is a dreamy paradise of hula dancers and surfers grooving to the colours of nature

close up

close up

Surfboards designed by 6 artists at the launch party [photo credits: animal]

Taxi Fabric

Taxi Fabric x Pranita Kocharekar
TaxiFabric was one of the most interesting projects I’ve worked on in 2015. This project is creating a good vibe for graphic design in India.
To view taxi designs by other designers visit 


PONCH is a short children’s story that was exhibited over the period of 55mins on instagram (@pranitart).
The idea of the instagram-exhibition was to involve the audience in the story of Ponch, a whale who visits the city and witnesses the cruelity of society but also finds a true friend and regains faith in humanity.

This project received press coverage in Hindustan Times


As seen on Instagram

Individual frames

Stop Chasing Love

‘Stop Chasing Love’ is a short picture story exhibited on Instagram. I used the Instagram interface as my canvas. Have a look at this story on my instagram @pranitart
‘Stop Chasing Love’ is a picture story about a girl (us, humans) being greedy about love.
Love here can be anything – your partner, your family, your friends, your work.
There is a thin line between chasing love and embracing love. Embrace it!


MONSTER is the second short children’s story that was exhibited over the period of 45mins on instagram (@pranitart).
The idea of the instagram-exhibition was to involve the audience in the story of a girl who had a monster in her.
We often attract vices easily and grow a monster in us. One must kill the monster, before it kills us. This story talks about the power of love, and how it heals everything.


As seen on Instagram



Chegg is a company based in Santa Clara, California, that specializes in online textbook rentals, homework help, online tutoring, scholarships and internship matching. It is meant to help students in high school and college.

With an enthusiastic team to work with, I created illustrations for their e-mailers to enhance the communication.