Shut Up & Stop Stereotyping Calendar

#ShutUpAndStopStereotyping Calendar (click here to buy) has 24 gender stereotypes with logical unbiased objective reasoning under each as to why we desperately need equality in our lives. The idea of the calendar is to create conversations about gender stereotyping which hopefully may lead to change.

Product Description
#ShutUpAndStopStereotyping calendar is all about gender equality. Every year a need for something like this feels more and more urgent.Do you know someone who makes fun of men in pink, or calls all women bad drivers? Are people around you as evolved as they think they are? … Are you?

Let’s create a space where people have the freedom to be whatever they want to be without the fear of following an outdated rule book. This calendar acts as your voice which will help engage in conversations & reduce stereotyping.This desk calendar includes:-Dates and days
-Bank holidays and fun commemorative days (hug day, thank a mailman day, mother’s day.. etc)
-24 of the most common gender stereotypes

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